Tourist attractions

Above the town of Susice two places can be found, you simply must visit. They are a chapel of Angel the Keeper and a Svatobor view-tower, lying opposite each other on the hills above the valley of the Otava river, that belong among the well-known view points of the town. Without visiting them you would be like not to have been there.
The town is a starting point for nice trips to Sumava, ie. Srni;, Modrava, Kvilda, etc., still the virgin places of the National park of Sumava.
In the surroundings of up to 15 km´s you can visit the castles Rabi, Kasperk and Velhartice. I you wish you could see the 40 km´s far water-castle Svihov and visit the town of Klatovy with its well-known catacombs and inside exposed mummies, at the same time.